[SOLVED] BUG: Unhandled error in plugin deluge: !Loop Protection!

I’ve been getting this error in one of my feeds lately. The output doesn’t seem to give much helpful information however. Here’s the error message:

INFO download feed9 Downloading: <File> CRITICAL task feed9 BUG: Unhandled error in plugin deluge: !!Loop Protection!! We have tried to solve 3 time(s) in a row. RuntimeError: !!Loop Protection!! We have tried to solve 3 time(s) in a row. CRITICAL manager feed9 An unexpected crash has occurred. Writing crash report to /<path>/.flexget/crash_report.2020.02.08.173530036332.log. Please verify you are running the latest version of flexget by using "flexget -V" from CLI or by using version_checker plugin at http://flexget.com/wiki/Plugins/version_checker. You are currently using version 3.1.21 WARNING task feed9 Aborting task (plugin: deluge)

Is this a known bug, is there a fix? Is there more information I can provide?


Got the same error :-/

Tempted to upgrade to deluge 2.0.3.
Currently on 1.3.15.

Sorry guys, it’s not flexget bug. Seems to be cloudflare DDos Protection: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170076-Understanding-Cloudflare-Under-Attack-mode
A workarround could be moving from requests to cloudscraper and adding few seconds of delay.

Thanks @dernalis.

I am using cloudscraper (cfscraper) in the task. What’s the best way to introduce the delay?

    priority: 9
    template: tv
    rss: http://example.com
    cfscraper: yes
      User-Agent: "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:60.8) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.8"

That’s a snippet from the relevant section of my config.yml (URL is changed.)

I see two options


Played with the ‘sleep’ commands as that seemed the closest to @dernalis suggestion. Tried, 2,4 and 10 seconds.
No change :-/

  phase: output
  seconds: 10
  phase: download
  seconds: 10

Cloudscraper plugin has an update which has fixed the issue.
All working again for me now.

Awesome! I had been running an update using pip almost every day, but because of a busy schedule hadn’t done so in the last couple of days. Just ran it now, and it does seem to fix the issue!