Series: Regex for title that searches outside of the series name/id?

I would like to use the series plugin, but I only want it to download a show from a certain group. This question would also apply to, say, only wanting HDR, or only a release from a certain website, etc. Anything that can be determined from the title of a release that isn’t in the name or episode identifier.

The series plugin has name_regexp, id_regexp, and ep_regexp, but I don’t want to modify how the plugin matches any of those things. I just want to accept or reject entries based on other free text in the title. And only this series, not all series.

Is there an existing plugin I can use for this? I can’t seem to find one in the docs. I assume that using name regexp for this would break things like series detection because the name is before the series identifier and the text I want to search for is after the series identifier, but maybe that isn’t the case?

Example: Show Name S01E02 Some Interesting Data - Group
I want to filter by only accepting an entry if Some Interesting Data contains something.


Probably just using the regular regexp plugin is best. You can reject something like my.series.*rejectthis

@gazpachoking Is that possible in combination with the series plugin? I want to only reject some series, not all, in the task, based on this regex.

I imagine the only way to do what you’re suggesting would be to have a separate task for the series I want to reject entries from. I was hoping there would be a way to do this on a per-series basis.

That’s why I put the series name as part of the regex. There are other ways, if you really need the series parsing, but I’d try just the simple regex first.

I see what you were going for, but that only works if I want to reject a series with rejectthis in it. But if I want to only accept My Favorite Show if it has acceptthis at the end of the title of the release, I don’t think I can do that with your suggestion.

What are the other ways you’re thinking about?

Other possibility is something like this:

  - series_name == "My Show":
          - my.thing

Ok, that is a decent workaround. Thanks. The only bad part is that that if statement’s configuration will be very far away from the series configuration in the .yml file, so it would be easy to mess up / forget later.

Would you have any objections or cautions about a PR that implemented a general regexp for the series plugin like name_regexp but that doesn’t affect name/id/episode identification and can search the whole title of an entry?

I’m very hesitant to add more complexity to the series plugin. We’ve had plans at various points to allow arbitrary plugins underneath different series (similar to how it works in if plugin.) But it ends up being pretty confusing to implement and configure.