Rlsbb plugin still functional?

Hey guys,

I am realtively new to flexget and am trying to get it running with the rlsbb plugin to download tv shows using jdownloader2 with Folder Watch plugin.
I have been fiddeling around with the config for quite some time, but seem unable to get it to actually use the rlsbb plugin at all. At least I see no indication of it in the output.
My very basic config looks like this:

        - SOME SHOW
    template: tv-shows
    verify_ssl_certificates: no
      url: http://rlsbb.ru/category/tv-shows/feed
      link: guid
      parse_comments: yes
        - rapidgator\.net/*
      - echo "text={{urls}}" >> "/path/to/jd2/folderwatch/{{title}}.crawljob"

The output doesn’t show any sign that the rlsbb plugin is being used and just provides the links from the mainpage which don’t include rapidgator, but nitroflare and uploadgig.
Is there something wrong with my config or is the rlsbb plugin just not working anymore?
I am running flexget 3.1.12 on linux, Python 3.7.5

Any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

You can use --dump to see what task produces, dcomment out rss plugin for that since you have 2 inputs there.

Thanks for the hint about the --dump option. That’s really helpful.
I don’t understand what you mean by

you have 2 inputs there

though. If I comment out the rss plugin I have no input at all. Instead I get an error:

WARNING details get_rlsbb Task didn’t produce any entries. This is likely due to a mis-configured or non-functional input.

Anyways it still looks like the rlsbb plugin does absolutely nothing. Like it’s not even being called. I see no entries in the logs or output for it.


It might be defunct then, open a ticket?

The RLSBB plugin did not work for me. Instead I just used the HTML Plugin:

      url: http://rlsbb.ru/category/tv-shows/feed
      title_from: url
        - rapidgator\.net