Question regarding db-config.sqlite and flexget.log

hi it is possible to create your own db-config.sqlite for movies and series.
The man in the config.yml what extrag can enter that I create different db-config.sqlite and flexget.log.

zb filme-config.sqlite and filme.log
serie-config.sqlite and serie.log

You can run multiple processes by specifying different configuration files, but if your only reason doing so is logging it is likely not worth the hazzle.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Would like to create a custom db-config.sqlite for ftp1990
or is it possible to change the path for the db-config.sqlite in config.yml?

rss: /root/.flexget/move/my.xml
- /etc/scripts/ {{url}}
accept_all: no
min_year: 1990
min_score: 6.2
min_votes: 5000

database is always created at the same location as config, using config name in there.