Problems with quality plugin

I"m having two issues.

  1. how do I get flexget to prefer h265?
  2. I seem to be having problems getting the quality plugin to work properly. Is it because HEVC isn’t in the list of known quality sources or is it the MeGusta? This is a common error I’m getting --> 720p HEVC x265-MeGusta. Does not meet quality requirement 720p+ webrip+ h264+

Thank you.

HEVC is not a source but a codec, so the quality requirement fails on the webrip+ requirement since no source could be decoded from the release name

you could maybe use the plugin

assume_quality: webrip

in combination with your current quality requirements, that way, the source is assumed to be webrip if nothing else was possible to decode, and your requirement for the resolution and codec would match

let me know if it solves your problem there are a couple of other tricks that might work otherwise.

That worked, thanks! now to get it to prefer h265 automatically.

Look at the upgrade and/or timeframe plugins for that.

If you want always to grab x265 and discard x264, change your current quality requirement to have x265 instead of x264+.

If you want to download x264, but if there is a x265 grab that in addition, use the upgrade plugin in combination with what you have.

If you want to wait downloading anything to see if there is a x265 within a certain time, and only fallback to download x264 if that is seen but there was no x265, use the timeframe plugin.

Then you can combine these and do pretty much all sorts of things :slight_smile:

Good luck!