No connection adapters were found for magnet

I’m trying to use FlexGet with the RSS generated by Jackett but I keep getting the same error:

Network error during request: No connection adapters were found for 'magnet:url'

It seems like FlexGet follows the torrent url given by Jackett but does not seem to understand that it’s a magnet url and should be sent to the torrent client (in my case qBittorrent).

Is there anyway I can force FlexGet to treat the final url given by Jackett as a magnet url?

Try this:

Unfortunately it does not work because there is no entry in the RSS that gives you directly the magnet link.
Basically Jackett gives you a link that when followed prompts Jackett to go and scrape the page that contains all the torrent details including the magnet link which is then sent back. The problem (I think) lies in the fact that FlexGet thinks that what Jackett sends back is a link to download the .torrent file and not a valid magnet link which just gets considered as an invalid http link (I’m just guessing).

To understand better the problem here’s my configuration (very simple):

  url: "http://LOCAL_IP:PORT/api/v2.0/indexers/ettv/results/torznab/api?apikey=APIKEY&t=search&cat=&q="
  other_fields: [published]

And here’s one of the items in the RSS sent back by Jackett:

  <title>TORRENT TITLE</title>
  <jackettindexer id="ettv">ETTV</jackettindexer>
  <comments>LINK TO TORRENT DETAILS PAGE</comments>
  <pubDate>Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 +0000</pubDate>
  <description />
  <link>http://LOCAL_IP:PORT/dl/ettv/?jackett_apikey=APIKEY&amp;path=Q2ZESjhFZ21sRE1DQ0JaRWh1TmZWekNUMzBvUkFJUE9hVm9Zb08ya0hkdzNIaHk1TmdMaTg4UkF3NUlTc2RKR1VReGFDbUdMenoxSjJqa1kzWVMyS05VVGdEQXVOaEtsNW52NldQSEdkelFkSElBYWxwdUZTaUpMV2ZVcUpUV2JUbXktejYzYTRONTE3QTJuZzJ6NFFReUpBR3dyZk1xVjJnQ3NqSXNCcTd4YXk0ekhmWTEwRDVRRDBDOExlazYxdTRjVmdaMW8yaWhudW9DamFoRUdNaDBKOGdPMU5GUUdnNlpVY3k1aFgwRG0taE56cFhvOFExUG9QUUpXRmJZZU5laWh5RHJVdjJLSEZhbFpUd3R0VXZ6aGlCcw&amp;file=TORRENT NAME</link>
  <enclosure url="http://LOCAL_IP:PORT/dl/ettv/?jackett_apikey=APIKEY&amp;path=Q2ZESjhFZ21sRE1DQ0JaRWh1TmZWekNUMzBvUkFJUE9hVm9Zb08ya0hkdzNIaHk1TmdMaTg4UkF3NUlTc2RKR1VReGFDbUdMenoxSjJqa1kzWVMyS05VVGdEQXVOaEtsNW52NldQSEdkelFkSElBYWxwdUZTaUpMV2ZVcUpUV2JUbXktejYzYTRONTE3QTJuZzJ6NFFReUpBR3dyZk1xVjJnQ3NqSXNCcTd4YXk0ekhmWTEwRDVRRDBDOExlazYxdTRjVmdaMW8yaWhudW9DamFoRUdNaDBKOGdPMU5GUUdnNlpVY3k1aFgwRG0taE56cFhvOFExUG9QUUpXRmJZZU5laWh5RHJVdjJLSEZhbFpUd3R0VXZ6aGlCcw&amp;file=TORRENT NAME" length="12345678" type="application/x-bittorrent" />
  <torznab:attr name="category" value="8020" />
  <torznab:attr name="category" value="100055" />
  <torznab:attr name="seeders" value="1" />
  <torznab:attr name="peers" value="1" />
  <torznab:attr name="minimumratio" value="1" />
  <torznab:attr name="minimumseedtime" value="172800" />
  <torznab:attr name="downloadvolumefactor" value="0" />
  <torznab:attr name="uploadvolumefactor" value="1" />

The <link> is generated by Jackett and when called returns a magnet link that is not recognized by FlexGet which failes with the error (I’ve changed the magnet link to the Ubuntu 20.04 iso just as an example):

Network error during request: No connection adapters were found for 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9fc20b9e98ea98b4a35e6223041a5ef94ea27809'

I also found an issue on Github where it was suggested to use redirect_url: yes to solve the problem but that does not change anything because FlexGet follows the redirect correctly.

I really cannot understand why FlexGet fails.

Looks like a task for a URLRewriter. Perhaps you can raise a feature request on github, or try writing your own?

Before doing the above, perhaps you can check if you can use the convert_magnet plugin?

Thanks to your input I found a temporary solution… looking at FlexGet source code I found an ettv URLRewrite plugin that scrapes a given torrent details page for the magnet link so instead of giving FlexGet <link> I give it <guid> which is the link to the torrent details page and now FlexGet does the scraping and not Jackett.

I say temporary solution because Jackett supports a lot more trackers and is more likely to get more frequent updates so it would be great if it worked. That said I still don’t understand why FlexGet fails because the ettv plugin does the same exact thing as Jackett and also returns back a magnet link.

You could always write a plugin to add Jackett support to FlexGet :wink:

Actually, it looks like the Torznab plugin plugin works with Jackett.

Yes I know but unfortunately it only works with the discover plugin.