Movedone not functioning in v3 for me

I had a fully functioning environment with movedone working on v2. I upgraded to v3 and upgraded deluge.

Flexget 3.1.29
deluge 2.0.3-2-201906121747-ubuntu18.04.1
Python: 3.6.9
OS: Linux 4.15.0-88-generic

Flexget is picking up on the new show and sending it to deluge, but the it’s not performing the movedone operation. When looking at the debug logs in Deluge, it does not appear to be receiving the parameter.

Can someone help me begin how to diagnose this further? (ps: the copy paste below might have affected the formatting of the YML, but it does validate and work on my system) The warning is not relevant to the issue.

flexget -c config.yml check

There is a FlexGet process already running for this config, sending execution there.
2020-02-26 18:40:51 VERBOSE check Checking config file /etc/flexget/config.yml
2020-02-26 18:40:51 WARNING check Config line 80 is likely missing ‘:’ at the end
2020-02-26 18:40:51 VERBOSE check Pre-checked 94 configuration lines
2020-02-26 18:40:51 VERBOSE check Config passed check.

// config.yml

pathscrub: windows
content_filename: ‘{{series_name}} - {{series_id}}/{{series_name}} - {{series_id}} - {{quality}}’
movedone: /mnt/storage/plex/Shows-Kids/{{series_name}}/Season {{series_season}}/
content_filename: ‘{{series_name}} - {{series_id}}/{{series_name}} - {{series_id}} - {{quality}}’
movedone: /mnt/storage/plex/Shows/{{series_name}}/Season {{series_season}}/

- <show 1>
- <show 2>

- <show 1>
- <show 2>

username: flexget
password: flexget
main_file_only: yes
hide_sparse_files: yes
label: ‘{{series_name}}’


  • tasks: eztv-tv
    minute: “*/30”

priority: 1
template: Shows-All

The options for deluge plugin were standardized with what deluge calls them, see the upgrade actions page.

(It’s called move_completed_path now.)

Thank you. Not sure how I missed … well… basic documentation. :slight_smile: I was still looking at recipes which had the old configurations them. That did resolve my issue.

Out of curiosity, when I validate the configuration file, is there a reason it does not tell me that I am passing an invalid option?

The set plugin allows setting any arbitrary fields, so setting movedone is still valid there, it’s just that deluge plugin doesn’t read from it anymore. If you move your deluge specific options directly into the deluge plugin, it will validate them.

Thank you again. Since I’m using series specific moves, I assume I’d have to use set to maybe set the path options and then use move down in the deluge section with the values I would “set” in the series section. I will have to test that out later. Again, thank you.

Thanks for the insight. I changed a few things which seem to also work.

I used to have this in the series configuration:
movedone: /mnt/storage/plex/Shows-Kids/{{series_name}}/Season {{series_season}}/

Now, I’m setting a variable called movepath in the series:
movepath: “/mnt/storage/plex/Shows-Kids/”

Then I use this under deluge plugin section:
move_completed_path: ‘{{movepath}}/{{series_name}}/Season {{series_season}}/’

Thanks again.