Logging bug in the latest versions

I have three tasks in my config. I have recently noticed that flexget-headless execute --chron is no longer logging info messages (more specifically downloads) for one of the tasks, only for the other two. Renaming the task or changing the order of the tasks made no difference, it is still the same task (with the same rss feed) that does not log the info messages. It seems to be some kind of bug, maybe?

That would be a very weird bug.

Well it is happening. I see torrents added in my client, but if they are from a particular tracker, they do not appear in the flexget log. I am not sure if this started with version 3.x, or if it has been going on longer, but it is happening now…

The --cron option does reduce logging, but it should affect all tasks… we need more information of your setup.

There is nothing special in my config, I am using the rss input plugin and the qbittorrent output plugin. All other rss feeds produce a log entry when a torrent is downloaded, except for this one (it’s the rarbg rss).Maybe there is something weird about that particular rss.

Same here, I run it i daemon mode and have tried different loglevels (including default) and downloads are simply not logged anymore.

Devs: Please adress this issue and just let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Which log message is missing exactly? Can you paste the lines from the old version that are no longer showing up?

Sorry that it took so long to reply but I really wanted provide you with a concrete example. Unfortunately it seems inconsistent.

The entries I’m talking about are “INFO download taskname Downloading: file”

To be fair it all started when logrotate changed namingconvention from .1 .2 etc to dates.
I used to have a script running alongside that read the log, colored it, categorized entries for easier interpretation etc and spit that out to screen but I have disabled that while testing.

One thought though, could it be that if the file flexget.log is removed that the first entry is not properly logged?

Also, a bunch of entries get inserted twice in the logfile such as the following:

2020-01-23 05:05:49 INFO manager Daemon shutdown requested. Shutdown will commence when currently running task (if any) has finished executing.

2020-01-22 16:25:00 WARNING details Read_Torrents Task didn’t produce any entries. This is likely due to a mis-configured or non-functional input.

2020-01-19 18:59:48 INFO move Read_Torrents X has been moved to X

2020-01-23 05:05:49 INFO irc Shutting down IRC.