Is it possible to accept duplicate titles for "inputs"

If entries with duplicate titles or urls are found, only the first one seen will be added to the task.Blockquote

My config

- inputs:
  - html:
  - html:
  - html:

The item

<a href="">Download</a>

There is an item titled “Download” but have different url in all urls.
But only the item in a.html can be discovered.

I have tried the manipulate plugin, but no luck.
it seems that inputs have higher priority and reject the second one before pass to manipulate.

I have also tried title_from, but the title are still same from all urls

- html
     - title_from: XXX

Is it possible to disable something to let inputs accept same title?

maybe try to disable the seen plugin or better configure it to only check the url since that is unique:

    - url