Imdb to trakt not working

Trying to sync my imdb watchlist to trakt but the logs says “Nothing to submit to trakt”.



      movie: guessit
      series: guessit
      user_id: urXXXXXXXXX
      list: watchlist
    accept_all: yes
    trakt_lookup: yes
      - trakt_list:
          username: XXXXXXXXX
          account: XXXXX@XXXXXXX.COM
          list: watchlist
          type: shows
          strip_dates: true

The log(part of it) says:

2020-10-15 15:35:59 VERBOSE  task          imdb_to_trakt   ACCEPTED: `Cobra Kai (2018)` by accept_all plugin
2020-10-15 15:35:59 DEBUG    urlrewriter   imdb_to_trakt   Checking 1 entries
2020-10-15 15:35:59 VERBOSE  details       imdb_to_trakt   Summary - Accepted: 1 (Rejected: 2 Undecided: 0 Failed: 0)
2020-10-15 15:35:59 VERBOSE  list_add      imdb_to_trakt   adding accepted entries into trakt_list - {'username': 'XXXXXXXXX', 'account': 'XXXX@XXXXXXXX.COM', 'list': 'watchlist', 'type': 'shows', 'strip_dates': True}
2020-10-15 15:35:59 DEBUG    trakt_list    imdb_to_trakt   Nothing to submit to trakt.
2020-10-15 15:35:59 DEBUG    seen          imdb_to_trakt   Learned 'Cobra Kai (2018)' (field: title, local: False)
2020-10-15 15:35:59 DEBUG    seen          imdb_to_trakt   Learned '/title/tt7221388' (field: url, local: False)
2020-10-15 15:35:59 DEBUG    util.simple_persistence imdb_to_trakt   Flushing simple persistence for task imdb_to_trakt to db.

What am I missing?