How To Make IMDB Login work - The Solution

Hello, the IMDB login, to update the watched list for example, for a lot of us stooped working, to others it’s working, this makes it impossible to use plugins like list_add and list_remove with imdb. The problem is that the login with the credentials is buggy, and if were lucky to make a login successfully flexget will store you login cookies and you will be good to go, unless you delete you database, or change your login credentials.

If you never made a successfully login, you will be gacefully presented with a error like “Login to IMDB failed. Check your credentials”, even when they are correct.

I found a solution to bypass this problem, this requires you to edit you sqlite file, so you are at you own risk, and should be extra caution.

I’m running linux, so I’ll recommend a program to linux, but you should be good to go with any sqlite editor. In linux i’m using sqlitebrowser.

Please backup you sqlite database, to avoid losing your data if something goes wrong.

Open you db-config.sqlite in the editor, navigate to the table imdb_list_user. If there is any entry to your user, delete it.

Go to and make a login. In Chrome (or any other browser that allows you to check you cookies), go to Tools > Developer Tools, on the top click in Application.

Navigate to Cookies and select


You should see the cookies on the right side


You should now create a JSON object with the data retrieved from the cookies with the same name:

{"ubid-main": "xxxxxxxx", "uu": "xxxxxxxx","session-id-time": "0000000000","x-main": "\"xxxxxxxx\"", "at-main": "xxxxxxxx", "session-token": "\"xxxxxxxx\"","sess-at-main":"\"xxxxxxxx\""}

Please note that x-main, session-token and sess-at-main are in the cookie betwene double double quotes, and this is JSON is preceded by a backslash ".

This JSON in now added tho the sqlite table imdb_list_user field “cookies”, on user_name add your username (in my case is my email, yours should be also, but double check that), and in user_id add your user id from imdb, you can get this navigating to your whatchlist on imdb and retrieving the user id from the url, it should be something like ur00000000.

Start Flexget and test it out. If all is ok, it should be working. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone, I know that I had a lot of problems with this