How do I set flexget to download one torrent every hour?


The tracker that I am with releases freeleech torrents, I want to grab 1 freeleech torrent every hour, once it grabs the torrent it will mark torrents that are released in the next 60 minutes as seen, once 60 minutes expire it will download the next torrent that is released then every torrent that’s releassed for the next 60 minutes as seen etc etc.

Running flexget every 60 minutes doesn’t work as that will grab every torrent that was released in the last 60 minutes.

Is there a way to acheive that?

look into limit or limit_new plugins and combine that with the scheduler :slight_smile:

I looked into limit_new but that works if you want to download 1 new item since your last download (in my case the last hour and in no particular order such as newest or oldest). I’d also need to schedule flexget to run once an hour.

Grabbing the torrent as quickly as possible to its release time increases my chance of a decent ratio rather than potentially 59 minutes after the torrent has been released. I was looking for something that I might have missed which will apply the --learn for the next 60 minutes until the next download. That will get the next available as it is released.

scheduling flexget is surprisingly easy in daemon mode with the schedules plugin (even easier than cron I may add :smiley: )

  - tasks: ['tasks']
      hours: 1

if your goal is to get the torrent as quickly as possible and if the site has an irc channel where they announce new torrents I would suggest looking into the irc plugin.

To be frank, I’m not completely sure I understand what you want to do …

My bad, I’m not expressing myself properly.

The site doesn’t have irc that’s why I’m relying on rss, otherwise I’d use irssi-autodl which works fine.

Let’s say torrents are released every 10 minutes. Torrents:
At 08:00am releases torrent #1
08:10am releases torrent #2
08:20am releases torrent #3
08:30am releases torrent #4
08:40am releases torrent #5
08:50am releases torrent #6
09:00am releases torrent #7
09:10am releases torrent #8… and so on.

I want to grab #1, and for flexget to skip #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and after the hour is up to then download #7 since 60 mnutes has passed since last download. It will keep waiting until it gets the next torrent. As soon as it downloads a torrent it will skip all torrents for the next 60 minutes. Say after torrent #7 is released and nothing is released for the next 3.5 hours, it will grab the torrent that is released at 12:30pm (3.5 hours after 9am) and then skip every torrent for the next 60 minutes then wait for the next available after 13:30 and so on.

In short, it grabs one then skips and grabs the next one after 60 minutes.

With the task schedule with interval 1, at 9am it will grab torrents #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7.

hmm I think I got it, try this:

  - tasks: ['slow-rss']
      hours: 1
    accept_all: yes
    limit_new: 1
      url: 'https://yourfeed.rss'
      all_entries: no

all_entries: no - will ensure that only new items will be processed. don’t forget to add an output plugin.
don’t forget to start flexget in daemon mod (flexget daemon start -d)

I was trying to get flexget (rss) to do the same thing as irssi-autodl, however, flexget grabs what has been released (checks what’s new and what’s been seen, downloads new and filters results then accept or reject based on filter) while irssi-autodl waits for a release and in particular the next release, irssi can’t see old releases. They are doing different things and operate differently, so I don’t think it is possible to do what irssi-autodl does.

I’ve gained more understanding on how flexget work. Thank you for your help!

They work fundamentally different, rss pulls data at regular intervals and processes it while auto-dl/irc plugin will process the data as soon as its available, however for irc to work it needs to always listen to messages on the channel.

I am not entirely sure you could implement what you want with irc, still believe rss is your best option.

Did the suggested config work?

Yes, it works. It will scan the rss feed and grab the last torrent. The problem with that is if the last torrent was released 40 minutes ago (20 minutes after the last task) then you’re 40 minutes late into the swarm and there won’t be much ratio to build.

With irc it will listen for a release, once it grabs a release it will turn off listening for 60 minutes (or the interval that you set) and turn back on to listen 60 minutes later so it disregards whatever has been released for the last hour and then listens for the next release to grab. They are just different.

Thank you for all your help!