Help for a complete beginner please!

Hello all ,
I am a complete newbie.Someone recommended me flexget and csv plugin for my personal project. I am collecting some movies (eg best 20 movies ever etc ). I am not interested in the latest or unrealeased movies or tv shows.
How do I start. I have just installed flexget today .I just want flexget to download me best available quality(which I can choose in the config file) movies from my wanted list on notepad.I dont want to add the movies manually one at a time as this will be a big list.
Can anyone kindly write me a simple config file which will tell flexget to get the best available copy of the movies from my list. I have tried reading about yml etc , it looks very easy and simple but i can’t figure it out .
Also i have utorrent do i have to do anything so that flexget will use it as downloading client ?

i know its a really simple task for you all could you help me please.
thank you all so much.

anyone please!

I suggest reading the documentation pages from - that’s where we all started as complete newbies. Try following the installation setup guide and read up on the various pages for your preferred download client. It might take you a few days to set up, but the experience will help you later on.

The cookbook with pre built complete scripts as well as the forums were good resources for me as well.