Getting epsiode names from TheTVDB

My config used to work quite happily and downloaded my tvdb favourites quite happily, and the downloads were renamed to include the episode name where available. Then there was a glitch during December when TheTVDB changed it’s account identifiers, lost favourites and required you to request permission to use their API. I resolved this somehow without changing my config (maybe just changed user id - can’t remember).

But since then, I never get an episode name (or maybe a blank one) even though many of my series use them and they appear in the TheTVDB web site. The downloads still get the correct series name and series/episode ID, so it’s no a big deal - the downloads still keep on coming OK.

But it would be nice to get the episode names back! Any clues?


Subscribing because I’m interested to see what you get for responses.

I had the same issues in december and switched to an alternate config. Once the API was returning proper names i switched back and got a new API key. Worked until a few weeks ago and now all favorite series names return ‘none’ and no downloads work.

My config is still happily downloading episodes of my “favourite” series OK. The only thing not behaving (apart from the occasional Internet glitch) are the episode titles.