Failure reason: Magnet URL After Upgrading to 3.1 from 2.x

Hey there I’ve seen other posts saying magnet urls are not supported and that you need to use the convert magnet plugin for this.

However I find this really confusing as my existing configuration has been working fine for quite some time. I’m using an rss feed from show rss and that feed is giving magnet urls. I was using flexget 2.x until this week where I finally upgrade to 3.1

So it appears to me like 2.x had this functionality built in and perhaps 3.1 had it removed? If so fair enough but when I check the instructions for the convert magnet plugin I don’t get a lot of guidance.

It says I need libtorrent installed but I dont know if that’s a OS level library or a python package. And if python there are a number of packages with this name in it but nothing explicitly libtorrent.

I am using flexget with transmission and would like to know how to get my system back to how it used to work.

I don’t think setting my showrss feed to magnets=false is the proper long term solution but that is what I’m doing for now.

Here is my config, as working before I upgraded to 3.1

    all_series: yes
      path: /path/{{series_name}}/Season {{series_season}}
      path: /path/.torrents/
      max_retries: 8
      host: localhost
      port: 9091
      username: a
      password: a

    priority: 1
      all_entries: yes
    template: showrss

Have you found a resolution for your issue? I’m running into the same trouble and was unable to find a solution so far.

Try adding the following to your rss entry:

      - rss:
          url: https://...
          other_fields: ['torrent:magnetURI']
          link: 'torrent:magnetURI'

Try inspecting the rss xml you’re getting and update the fields and link above.