Convert - Move music with Lame


I am trying to create a task, to convert - move music that I have downloaded through transmission.

Now I am testing only by copying the files that are in the different folders that I have, but I cannot get the source directories and only copy the files and not create the directories.

I have the task created as follows:

    path: "/download/complete"
    recursive: yes
      - files
      - dirs
    regexp: '.*\.(mp3)$'
  accept_all: yes
    auto_escape: yes
      for_entries: |
        cp -r "{{localtion}}" "/storage/{{filename}}"
        #code disable with the lame instruction 
        #lame --out-dir "/storage/{{filename}}" -b 160 "{{filename}}"

And I don’t see where the problem may be

likely because retrieve contains dirs

Yes, but is possible to in the for_entries create the same folders or how discover the folder that the file copy or convert that use in {{location}}, {{url}}, {{filename}}, etc…


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